I love the Cochran’s Ski Sale! When is the NEXT one?
Cochran’s Ski & Ride sale takes place every year on the first full weekend in November. The next sale is slated for November 2-3, 2024.

Do I have to pay to consign my gear?
There is no fee to consign. The Cochran’s Ski Club retains a 20% commission of the sale amount of all sold items. Consignors receive 80% of the sale amount of any items that are sold.

How do I consign my gear?
All consignment is done online over the course of 2 weeks prior to the sale. It’s fast and easy! Online consignment for the 2024 sale will open next October. Pre-consigned gear must be dropped off at Camels Hump Middle School on Friday, November 1, 2024 from 6:00pm – 8:30pm to be checked in, tagged and placed on the sale floor. NOTE: There will be no onsite consignment on Friday. All gear must have been pre-consigned online prior to drop off.

Why do I have to consign my gear online?
Online consignment helps both consignors and Cochran’s Ski Club volunteers by streamlining our operations at gear drop-off on Friday night, at checkout throughout the sale, and at payment / gear pick-up on Sunday afternoon. It also helps us understand the amount and type of gear that has been consigned so we can ensure we have a variety of items available for purchase, making for a great shopping experience for everyone.

What kind of gear do you accept?
We accept consignment of new and gently-used ski, snowboard and winter athletic clothing (no street clothing please), modern alpine and snowboard equipment, snowshoes, backcountry, telemark, and Nordic and cross-country skis. All equipment must meet safety standards. NOTE: We cannot accept used helmets or straight alpine skis.

I’m not sure how to price my gear to sell. Can you help?
The minimum price on any item is $10.00, the rest is up to you! You can refer to our Pricing Guide for suggestions. As part of the consignment process, you will also have the opportunity to offer your item at 20% off the full price as part of our “Sunday Special” promotion. The better the price, the more likely the item is to sell and be put to good use this winter season!

What if I forgot to consign an item with the rest of my gear. What can I do?
The confirmation email you will receive includes a link you can use to add / delete items during the open consignment period. In early fall, we recommend that you start pulling out all of your gear to get ready. It’s helpful to have everything in front of you when you’re consigning!

What if I’m not available to drop off my consigned gear on Friday night?
If you cannot make it to Camels Hump Middle School on Friday, November 1, 2024 from 6:00pm – 8:30pm, we ask that you arrange for a friend, neighbor, etc., to drop off on your behalf. We cannot accept pre-consigned gear on Saturday or Sunday.

How do I get paid for my sold gear?
Consignment payments are made via check and must be picked up in person (along with any unsold items) on Sunday, November 3, 2024 between 1:30pm and 3:00pm at Camels Hump Middle School. If you cannot make it to CHMS during this time, we ask that you arrange for a friend, neighbor, etc., to pick up on your behalf.

Can I check online to see if / when my gear sells?
Though we don’t have this capability at the moment, we are hoping to get it up and running!

What if I just want to donate my gear to the sale?
Donated gear must be consigned online. Just click on the “Donate” button in the consignment tool and the Cochran’s Ski Club will retain 100% of the sale amount of any items that are sold. Please note that the Ski Club has limited storage. All unsold gear, including those listed as Donation, must be picked up on Sunday, November 3 between 1:30pm and 3:00pm.

I can’t WAIT to shop! What forms of payment are accepted at the sale?
We accept a variety of payment types including cash, check, credit card, and tap-to-pay.

What if I’m not sure if I’m buying the right gear for me / my family?
Throughout the sale, our great volunteers and awesome vendors will be available to help answer questions about individual items and advise shoppers on the right gear for every level of skier or rider. We also offer general Fit Guides for reference on this site to help. Please choose carefully as ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

What is indemnification and is it something I should be thinking about?
Cochran’s Ski Sale enlists the support of a 3rd party to review bindings on consigned skis for indemnification purposes. We reserve the right to reject non-indemnified skis at gear drop-off on Friday evening and / or mark the skis as “Non-Indemnified” on the sales floor so shoppers can make informed purchasing decisions. Most ski shops will refuse to work on non-indemnified bindings for liability reasons, so buyers may be unable to find a shop willing to adjust them. In addition, non-indemnified bindings tend to be older, experiencing plastic degradation, moisture issues, as well as repeated freezing and thawing which all can negatively impact performance.

What happens to gear that is not picked up on Sunday?
The Cochran’s Ski Club makes every attempt to connect lost / left behind gear with its owners. If we are unable to do so, gear is donated or disposed of as appropriate.

Can I volunteer to work the sale?
The Ski & Ride Sale is staffed by members of the Cochran Ski Club and their families. If you are interested in learning more about the ski racing club, visit www.cochranskiclub.com.

I represent an amazing organization / cause and we would love to set up a table at your event. Is that possible?
Because the Ski Sale is the Cochran’s alpine ski racing team’s sole fundraiser for the year, we unfortunately restrict all sales, fundraising, and promotional activities both inside and outside of the sale to those in direct support of the Ski Club. We do get a number of requests like this and it’s a bummer to have to say no to such amazing organizations and causes, but we greatly appreciate your understanding and support.

I love the Cochran’s Ski Club! Besides shopping the sale, how can I help?
We appreciate your support! We graciously accept donations here.

I have a question I don’t see here. What can I do?
Email us at skisale@cochranskiclub.com.